SESSFA is proud to announce that this summer our 17 schools received checks from SESSFA‘s 2022-2023 pooled amount of $397,508! 


We followed the same equitable model as last year with the first 50 percent of funds raised to be split equally and the second 50 percent to be split using our equitable model that accounts for race and ethnicity as well as students receiving special education, multilingual and McKinney Vento services. Thank you for your generosity and commitment to the equitable fundraising and advocacy work we are doing in our communities. It’s #anewwaytopta

We are not sustainable without your support, and we welcome new volunteers and voices. If you can join us in our planning this summer or fall, please reach out to your site leaders or to our general email address at

Join Us on June 17th at 1:10pm for a 


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Check out our feature on KUOW's Seattle Now podcast! 

Thank you for participating and contributing to our 

Third Annual Move A Thon!

Now it's time to collect your donations! Check with your site leaders as to how to turn in cash, coin or check donations. 

We can accept contributions through April 30th for this year's disbursement. All contributions made after April 30th will go towards next year's disbursement. Thank you! 

Learn more below.

This year, we have:

17 Southend Schools including all of the elementary, K-8 and middle schools collaboratively fundraising and equitably fundsharing together.

1 fabulous bingo board with 25 squares geared towards 4-13 year old children

10 southend community partners creating how to videos and teaching their craft to children at local live events

16 live move a thon events at our individual schools with community partnerships, music, snacks and bingo board activities

Join us! 

Would you like to support the live events at your school? Connect us to a local business for sponsorship? Or a local activity centered community partner?  

Reach out to your building's site leader or email We would love for you to join us! 

With gratitude: In the Spring of 2022, The National Museum of American History at the Smithsonian reached out to us to ask if we could submit relics for their Giving in America exhbit. We have officially gifted two copies of the 2022 Move a thon Bingo Board (so that both the front and back can be displayed) as well as a water bottle from the 2021 year. We will be featured soon on this site, and live in Washington DC. We are honored to be recognized nationally for our work.