Frequently Asked Questions

I would like to donate to the Southeast Seattle Schools Fundraising Alliance? What's the best way?

Here are the two ways to donate to SESSFA.

Mail to: 509 Olive Way, Suite 500, Seattle, WA

IMPORTANT: Please email Meghan Bedell ( when you mail your check. She will track the arrival of your check with the Alliance of Education and make sure it is credited to SESSFA.

Alliance for Education EIN: 91-1508191

Website address:

All donations are tax deductible and you will receive a tax donation receipt from Alliance for Education. 

I am interested in better understanding the Equity Model Formula you use for disbursement of funds. Can I see it? 

Yes. Please know that it is reviewed each year by members of the SESSFA Equity Team. Here's a pdf to help answer your questions. We will publish the 2023 Equity model as soon as it is finalized. 

SESSFA Equitable Disbursement Formula Explained

I am an owner of a small business and want to donate to your Alliance. Do you have a donation procurement form I can use for my records?  

Yes! Please contact us at and we will get you what you need. Thank you! 

As a small business or non-profit, including a PTA, do you have sponsorship levels I can engage in to support the work you are doing? Yes! Check out our Sponsorship Levels and please be in touch. 

SESSFA Sponsorship Levels (for printing).pdf

I want to donate using a Donor Advised Fund or with a Company Match program. Where can I find the information I need to do so?

Thank you! All checks should be made out to Alliance for Education. Please note on the check or accompanying letter that it is for the Southeast Seattle Schools Fundraising Alliance or the SESSFA Move-a-thon.

The Alliance for Education is the organization name. 

Address: 509 Olive Way, Suite 500, Seattle, WA.

Website address:

Contact information: Southeast Seattle Schools Fundraising Alliance, Meghan Bedell,

EIN: 91-1508191

If you need further information, please email Meghan  You can always email us to confirm it was received and we will follow up with the Alliance for Education.  

I want to be able to readily tell others about SESSFA. 

Other than your website, do you have a quick reference guide to explain your work?

Yes! Please check out our SESSFA-AT-A-GLANCE! 

SESSFA at-a-glance for video participants

How are you affiliated with the Alliance for Education?

We are a group of individual PTAs and PTOs who partnered together in order to establish a collaborative fundraising model. In order to successfully pool and distribute our raised funds, we partnered with the Alliance for Education that serves as our conduit for keeping and distributing our funds to the individual non-profit PTAs and school groups. We use the Alliance for Education's GiveLively platform and EIN number and they support our work with providing monthly balance sheets and allowing for matching gift donations and donor advised funds through their organization as part of their School Account Services branch. All donations are tax deductible through Alliance for Education. SESSFA pays 6% of all gifts received to Alliance for Education.